Program and Industrial Cooperation Management

An industrial cooperation or offset agreement is an agreement between two parties whereby a supplier agrees to buy products from the party to whom it is selling, in order to win the buyer's custom and offset the buyer's outlay.

Generally the seller is a foreign company and the buyer is a government that stipulates that the seller must then agree to buy products from companies within their country. Often, the aim of this process is to even-up a country's balance of trade. This is frequently an integral part of international defense contracts

KAL Global can link your business, whether you are an international Defence Prime or a company that is seeking opportunity to manufacture for defence programs with the other party and project manage your obligatiosn as part of a particular program..

KAL Global has interests across the world with a particular focus on USA, Australia and India.

KAL Global has experience worldwide with manufacturing for defence and aerospace contracts. KAL Global is your chosen parter.

The KAL Global team has a history of successfully integrating aerospace companies into international supply chains as part of industrial participation programs.

Examples of programs the KAL Global management team has been involved in include:

  • Lockheed Martin JSF-35 Program.
  • Boeing F/A 18 Super Hornet
  • Eurotorp MU90 Lightweight Torpedo
  • F135 Pratt and Whitney Engine

KAL Global is your chosen parter. With extensive experience managing major aerospace programs the company mangement team is attuned to the requirements of the major defence primes.

  • Connected to all the major defence primes.
  • Over 70 years combined aerospace experience.
  • Full team ready to hit the ground and manage programs.

We have been working with all the major defence primes for the last 20+ years. Our client experience includes Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and the Department of Defence to name a few.
Peter Nicholls, Senior Consultant.

KAL Global makes meeting industrial participation milestones easy. With a team of Australian educated engineers at the ready to project manage, on the ground, in the chosen country.

KAL Global can manage major defence programs from inception to delivery to ensure the chosen partner company meets the stringent requirements of the international defence manufacturing sphere.