Human Resource Management, Recruitment, Performance Management and Contract Negotiations.

KAL Global has a team of expert Human Resource Management (HRM) professionals ready to assist you with all matters HRM related.

Having a happy and loyal team working with you can be the difference between failure and success.

KAL Global will ensure that personnel recruited not only meet experience and educational requirements of a role but also that they meet the cultural requirements of a role.


Many companies overlook the importance of training and internal career planning. KAL Global can work with your team to ensure your staff are continually being upskilled, whilst tapping into the vast array of training incentives various governments worldwide offer to upskill your staff and assist in costs.

Staff engagement is another important element of HRM. KAL Global will work with you to ensure you have staff engagement strategies that are implements, followed and successful. An engaged team is a loyal and happy team.

KAL Global will also manage HRM policy, from audit, through to development, through to management. Ensuring you meet your legal obligations of managing staff and your HRM practices and policies are world leading.

The KAL Global team can also performance manage staff and assist in difficult HRM decision making. We can manage transition programs for staff in the instance of division closures and help staff into new roles if required.

KAL Global is your Human Resouce Management partner:

  • Permanent and temporary recruitment
  • Major project staff placement
  • HRM Policy development and auditing
  • Employee engagement and retention programs
  • Skilling and training matrix development, including delivery
  • Negotiation of training providers and sourcing government incentives and grants

KAL Global is your chosen parter. Our experienced tam will work with you to ensure your HRM practices are world's best practice.

  • Be known as an employer of choice.
  • Have the best possible team working for you.
  • Employ an engaged and loyal workforce.
  • Receive funding from State and Federal Governments

Training staff need not be an expensive exercise. Our prinicpal HRM consultant has successfully negotiated several major grants for upskilling, including an $8.5mil training grant for an Australian based aerospace manufacturer.
Peter Nicholls, Senior Consultant.

KAL Global is your chosen HRM partner. Our expert team has extensive experience working within manufacturing and managing unionised environments. Call us today to discuss your business needs.