$8.5mil AUD Skilling Grant won

Well known general engineering firm

Services provided


The Challenge

This client had won several key contracts to supply goods both locally and internationally. Due to increased demand on staffing, the company contacted KAL Global to seek assistance in identifying if training was required.

The Solution

KAL Global undertook a skills analysis across the company and identified several skills gaps where additional training was required. Utilising knowledge of incentives available, the KAL Global principal team negotiated a major skilling grant in conjunction with the Federal Government which enabled the training to be conducted.


Major results were achieved as a result of this transition

  • Upskilling of 80+ employees to Diploma level qualifications
  • $8.5milAUD Government grant negotiated
  • 95% completion rate across training programs implemented
  • All project management and training coordination was managed by KAL Global